How to Measure

  1. Measure the outside width of your window at the widest point. This is typically the header or window sill. This is going to determine the minimal length of rod you require. 
  2. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the window trim. This is dictating the length of your draperies. Our draperies come in 88” and 96” lengths which are ideal for 8’ ceilings or higher.
  3. Measure the distance on either side of your window to the closest wall or obstacle. This will help determine the ideal length of your rod. Typically we recommend extending beyond your window 6-8” per side for aesthetic purposes, however we believe that rules are made to be broken. ;) A longer rod will allow your drapes to stack without covering your natural light and create the illusion of a wider window. A shorter rod may be necessary if you have an asymmetrical window configuration or a tall piece of furniture near your window
  4. Measure from the top of your window trim to your ceiling or the bottom of your crown moulding. This is the surface area for wall-mounting your rod. We do not recommend mounting your drapery rod on the surface of your trim. 
  5. Our draperies are designed for perfect installation straight out of the bag with no steaming or ironing required. In the event of any minor creases made during shipping we recommend gently misting the crease with water, smoothing it with a clean cloth, and allowing it to air dry. 

Additional Tips!

  1. Many traditional homes have thicker window trim or deeper window sills than newer homes, meaning you may want to consider how far your hardware projects from the wall it is installed on. Our hardware has a minimum clearance of 4.25-5.75” which is adaptable to most windows. 
  2. If you have a floor vent under your window we recommend a small clearance between the floor and the bottom of your drapes to allow for airflow. Alternatively we offer a 24” wide “single width panel” which layers beautifully over a window shade or blinds.
  3. Our panels are designed to be grouped together for larger window spans, or simply installed to frame your window and dress your space. If you have a wider window but don’t anticipate closing your draperies, consider our 24” wide panel. 
  4. We recognize that many homes have natural light to preserve but require some help dampening the acoustics in an open-concept layout. Stationary drapery panels are a great solution to dress your window without compromising your view.