About Us


DRAPED was conceived through a simple question: Where can we purchase beautiful quality draperies that aren’t going to break the bank? The affordable options seemed to lack quality and style, and the alternative of a custom solution just wasn’t accessible to us. There was an obvious gap in the market and we couldn’t be the only ones noticing. Enter our “Eureka!” moment; we have the skills to solve this problem…why not us?! DRAPED was built with one goal in mind - make bespoke-quality draperies affordable.

Designing the drapes was the easy part but we wanted to ensure the drapes were constructed with the utmost quality, ethically sourced materials and fair labour standards. Working with our Indonesian team in Bandung, we developed our proprietary textiles and collaborated with our seamstresses to ensure the final construction of the product met the quality standards you can otherwise only find through purchasing a custom product. 

We are so proud of our final product and can’t wait for you to ‘drape your space’!

About Robyn

 Robyn has been known as a “creative” since she could hold a pencil. That creative drive led her to Sheridan College where she studied Textile Design. She has since spent 16+ years working in the interior design industry, including the past 7 years as owner/principal designer of Bricks and Birches - a celebrated design firm specializing in residential design. Robyn brings her experience in these worlds to DRAPED as Co-founder and CEO. When she isn’t running businesses, Robyn is busy running the roads and trails as an endurance athlete.

About Becky
 Becky’s passion for travel has taken her all over the world, but no place means as much to her as Indonesia. While teaching English in Medan in 2008, Becky immersed herself in the local culture, learned the language and made several lifelong friendships. Through these connections, Becky became an instrumental part of the international growth of a popular Indonesian denim brand - managing all aspects of North American operations including marketing, brand partnerships, and sales. Fast forward 15 years and she is once again collaborating with her friends in Indonesia as Co-founder and COO of DRAPED. Becky loves dimly-lit rooms in keeping with the Danish principle of "hygge", and experimenting in the kitchen. 
 About our Indonesian team
When we founded DRAPED, we knew we needed to create a high-quality product and it was equally as important to us to manufacture responsibly. Amidst a global pandemic, traveling around the world to visit factory partners was impossible. That's when we recruited our Indonesian production team and they quickly became an integral part of our business. Ozom, Elva and Gempar make up our local team in Bandung - working on the development of our proprietary fabrics and holding regular meetings with our seamstresses and partners. They ensure we are maintaining not only a high quality product, but a high quality working environment. Fun facts - Ozom is a drummer in an Indonesian pop-punk band and Elva + Gempar were recently married!